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No, it will break in a month or less, never buy any gun under 90 dollars if you expect to play more than a few games.

I would not recommend buying any Stryker or non MR Spyder products some cheap starter guns that are worth looking into are the Azodin Kaos, the US Army alpha black, the us army carver one and the spyder MR1.

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Q: Is the cybrid paintball players kit a good gun?
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Is a striker cybrid paintball marker a good gun?

NO!unless you are just getting into paintball.

Is the cybrid striker a good paintball gun?

No. Cybrid has a reputation for poor quality guns that do not last after many games.

What type of tank does a cybrid paintball gun use?

Co2. Buying a Hpa tank for a cybrid is money that should be spent on a better gun.

Do you need to pump a usa jt cybrid paintball gun?

No, it is semi automatic

How much can you sell your cybrid paintball gun for?

In used condition? around 10 dollars.

Is s JT cybrid paintball mega kit a good gun?

No. Cybrid makes very low quality markers. You will get a better investment saving money and buying a more expensive marker.

How do you put a small c02 canister on a styker cybrid paintball gun?

you screw the adapter into the gun, and then the co2 cartridge.

What is the fps of a jt cybrid paintball gun?

depends on how you adjust it, most guns come in with a factory setting at 250 fps

How do you adjust velocity on a Cybrid paintball gun?

you see the little un-jammer button you pull out when your is jammed pull that out and then fire.

Can you attach a red dot sight to your stryker cybrid paintball gun?

No. It does not have any rails, nor is it accurate enough to need one.

What kind barrel fits a cybrid paintball gun?

Spyder threaded. (however spending money for a new barrel on such a cheap marker is ill-advised)

Is there any way to fix a crossed paintball gun?

Idk but you can buy one from to buy one that lasts a long time and p.s. Buy the jt cybrid paintball gun for only $37.99 (+ shipping and handling) and it's a grat deal!

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