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Q: Is the campground going to be open this summer?
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How do you use campground in a sentence with 8 words?

During the summer, I lived at the campgrouund.The man's campground was buried under a landslide.

When is reaility tv island on poptropica going to open?

in the summer

What is a campground near Fort Wayne?

A campground near Fort Wayne, Indiana is Koa Bluffton. It is located at 1625 West Lancaster Street. From Fort Wayne downtown it is about a 30 minute drive. The campground has a pool open from May 25 to September 7. At the campground their is also a snack bar and a selection of firewood to buy. with the nearby downtown many there are many activities you can do.

When is western us in Mafia Wars going to open?

Most likely Summer of 2010!

When is Camp Jenny going to open back up for the summer?

In 2012 By DRender Thompson

Are dogs allowed at the campground?

It depends on the campground.

How do you use campground in a sentence?

the campground is not that far from here

Where is Kate Gosselin's parents' campground?

Kate's parents campground was located in Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania. The property is no longer used as a campground.

Do you say on the campground or at the campground?

You could use either of these in most contexts.We are setting up our tent on the campground.We are setting up our tent at the campground.

Is campground one word?

Campfire is one word.

How can the word 'campground' be used in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.We set up our tent in the campground.The campground charges a fee.We looked in vain for a campground.

AN ant campground between two rocks?

An ants campground between two rocks