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yeah it is

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Q: Is the brine swizzbeat a good lacrosse stick?
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Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


Should you get a brine swizzle scandium or brine swizzbeat?

I had the swizzbeat for 2 seasons and used the scandium many times just passing around. The two shafts are very similar, my swizzbeat had one noticeable dent in it after 2 years of getting smashed by highschool d-poles, so it's tough. The scandium is actually a little bit stronger because it's reinforced with scandium. But this also makes it a little bit heavier. In my opinion the biggest choice you have to make is which graphic you like better, they both feel really good in your hand. I would say if you're worried about your stick breaking then go with the scandium, if not, go with the swizzle.

What size lacrosse stick is good for a 75 pounder?

Regular sized lacrosse stick, cut it down.

What are good shaft head combinations in lacrosse?

There are many different combinations of heads and shafts. I like Birne equipment a lot. The Clutch is a great head for every position. The swizzle or the swizzbeat are also great shafts i have the swizzbeat and it is great. It's light and has good grip for shooting. Unfortunately the grip can chip of unlike the swizzle, but the swizzle is 30 more dollars then the swizz beat.

What is a good lacrosse stick including head and shaft?

brine and stx r the best in my opinion.. i depends on eht u like also so just search thos and look at reviews fine on u like

How do you know what lacrosse stick you should get?

Well, i would recommend an "Amonte lacrosse stick" you can find those at typical lacrosse stores..... But most lacrosse sticks are good so.... i would choose one with kind of a fit pocket.

Are lacrosse shorts good for pool?

Lacrosse shorts are very baggy and will stick to your legs when they get wet, they will also get heavy and fall off leaving you butt naked. So no, lacrosse shorts are not good in a pool

The best lacrosse gear between stx warrior and brine?

This is not a very easy question its mostly opinion but gloves i like Brine Kings, Warior BrassMonkeys Warrior Superflys,Warrior Macdaddys,STX K18s,or STX G22 that last one is my favorite. elbow pads either STX G22 or K18 Brine Kings or Warrior Players Cub 7.0s. Shoulder pads brine Kings, Warrior Hitman 7.0, and of course K18 and G22s from stx. Shafts Warrior Levitation, Warrior Dolomite, Warrior Krypto Pro, Brine Swissle or Swizzbeat Scandium, and STX CrankShafts.Heads STX ProtonPower, Super Power, or revolver Warrior anything Evo Or Evolution, And Finally Brine Truth or Franchise. If you want to know anything wlse has good reviews

What is a good lacrosse stick for beginners?

Warrior Evolution 2.0 X Chrome Fade Unstrung Lacrosse Head

What is a good lacrosse head for attack?

i hear the brine clutch is very good for attack and midfield and it is very reasonably priced. get the first clutch though its the best

Is Nike a good lacrosse stick?

To be honest I didn't even know Nike made lacrosse sticks. if I were you I would stick to the good quality popular brands like STK, Brine, Harrow, Warrior, Maverick, etc. Nike has the backing of STX, who have engineered and marketed the Nike lacrosse line. The heads & handles are made by STX (many of the Nike handle patterns bear a strong resemblance to current STX handles). Nike product warranties go through STX. We like the heads & handles but are not sold on the protective gear.

What is a good video to string a lacrosse stick?

stringing with tizzle, or, stringing with boomer

What is a good lacrosse stick to buy?

the STX Rave is pretty good the only bad thing is that you get a pocket

Is bleaching a lacrosse stick good?

no if it wooden but if its metal it dosent really matter but i wouldent

What is a good lacrosse stick for attack?

a warrior helix lacrosse head on a warrior kryptolyte shaft please add me to your saved sellers on eBay i have awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

What kind of lacrosse stick is good for a center midfielder?

A warrior bullseye, they are great for face offs and scooping

Is the STX factor Lacrosse stick a good choice?

Definately. STX gear is always an excellent choice.

What is a good lacrosse stick for a high school guy?

it depends on how serious you are about playing, but i think that the crankshaft is the best.

What is a better lacrosse head the brine clutch or stx k18?

I would have to say the brine clutch. Trust me it's better! but you shold do more research and a good thing to do is go to a store with both and see wich is more comforatable for you

What is the best length of a lacrosse stick for a 5'8 freshman girl in high school?

Generally, the best stick length is for the shaft to be the length of your arm; however, just a standard stick length seems to work best for most people. If you cut it to your arm length, it makes it easier to maneuver. But, a really good lacrosse player can maneuver the stick regardless.

Is playing lacrosse easy?

You gotta practice with your stick get used to the stick buy a goal or a wall would work work on your stick then you'll be good but always remember to use your left hand sometimes.

How does a wet pocket affect a lacrosse stick?

it stretches the pocket and ends up becoming deeper. not good for the mesh at all.

Which kind of lacrosse gloves have the best grip?

I think the STX k18 gloves have the best grip overall. The brine kings are also good, but the k18 also have a ventilation system for when your hands get hot.

How much is a lacrosse stick head?

It can very on price depending on the brand and what not, i would say about $65-$120 for a very good head

What is a good shaft and head combo in lacrosse I am thinking dolomite or dolomite diamond and helix or superpower or harrow crossbow If you have heard about any of this please help Are these good?

It's a great stick, i had one and it's worth the money! Hope the lacrosse season goes well!