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only locker room brawl is lockable.

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Q: Is the bra and panties match unlockable for smackdown vs raw 2009?
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Who are all the unlockable characters on smackdown vs raw 2009?

yes for 2009.

What is the secret match in smackdown vs raw 2009?

it is not a casket match it is a gauntlet match unlockable rtwm john cena. But Stretcher is confirmed as dlc downloadable content and casket/ Punjabi prison match might be dlc too.

Will hornswoggle be in svr 2008?

No, but he is an unlockable in Smackdown! v.s. RAW 2009 as an unplayable manager. no, I think he's in smackdown vs raw 2009

Is Maryse an unlockable character in smackdown vs raw 2009?

No. She's not in the game.

Is mini boogeyman unlockable in Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Nope. You have to download it from the computer.

How can you find the casket match in ps2 2009?

You can not find a casket match on smackdown vs raw 2009

In Smackdown vs Raw 2008 can you unlock match types?

No, but you can in smackdown vs. raw 2009.

Who is going to be on smackdown in the WWE draft 2009 huh?

The newest match is the Inferno Match

What are WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009's new matches?

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 added three matches: The Gauntlet Match, the Inferno Match, and the Elimination Chamber match. As well as that, they took out the Buried Alive match.

Can you get someone to interfere in a match on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?


Is masked Kane unlockable in smackdown vs raw 2009 for ps2?

simple answer yes just look up the cheat code

How do you get the pujami prison match on smackdown vs raw 2009?

you cant