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well of course i mean its the best club out there

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Q: Is the big bertha ERC a legal club?
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When was big Bertha used in world war 1?

The Big Bertha was used in ww1. It is a huge gun. That is why its is called "BIG bertha'.

What are Callaway Big Bertha irons used for?

Callaway Big Bertha irons are a line of golf clubs. These clubs are available with either graphite or steel shafts. They tend to be great for players who have high handicaps and are very forgiving and thus mask bad swings well.

What kind of sport equepment is big bertha?

big bertha is golf equepment

How can you tell a fake golf club called Callaway 460 Big Bertha?

it shows markings on the side and that one doesnt have any

Can you give an alliteration with bob?

Bob bashed Big Bertha. Big Bertha bit Bob back.

How much did Big Bertha Weigh?

The original German WW1 howitzer "Big Bertha" weighed 43 tonnes and fired a 820 kg. shell. Other similar weapons were also named Big Bertha.

Where is big bertha's birthplace?


What are the ratings and certificates for The Night They Robbed Big Bertha's - 1975?

The Night They Robbed Big Bertha's - 1975 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

The Germen piece called Big Bertha was named after who?

The large 280mm cannon was not named after any specific person. "Big Bertha" was a name given to it by the Americans. "Bertha" is a common German woman's name.

Is the big bertha still used today?


What is big bertha?

"Big Bertha" was the nickname given to the long-range German howitzer during WWI. Similar cannons were also given this nickname.

Where are the 2006 big bertha irons made?

The 2006 Big Bertha irons were manufactured by Callaway Golf and were made in their factories, which are mostly located in China.