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Q: Is the assistant scorer required to track the captain for each team?
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You don't say if you want to be a doctor or a medical assistant. If a doctor you should be in AP courses and on a college track for admission to a college. If it is a medical assistant just pass your classes and graduate.

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Do you have to have a degree to be an administrative assistant?

You do not necessarily HAVE to have a degree to be an administrative assistant, however this is dictated by the job description which differs from company to company. Often times, companies will include "college degree required or equivalent experience which means you should have a proven track record of planning and organizing, attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task.

What is scorer in volleyball?

The scorekeeper's main job is to make sure the score is correct at all times. The scorekeeper uses a score sheet to keep track of the game. If there is a difference between the score on the score sheet and the visual score (flip score, electronic scoreboard, etc.) the visual score should be changed to match the score on the scoresheet unless the mistake on the scoresheet can be determined and corrected. One of the volleyball referees should check the accuracy of the scoresheet at the end of each set.THE SCOREKEEPER… Pre-match, * Before the match starts, the scorekeeper should fill in the pre-match info - team names, starting line ups, etc.During the match, * Records points when they are scored* Watches the servers and indicates immediately to the referees when a server has served out of order. It's also good preventive officiating to watch teams volleyball rotation in case assistance is needed for the second referee to determine the correct team alignment.* Records player substitutions and team timeouts* Records any sanctions* Records all other events as instructed by the referees* Records the final result of the set* In the case of a protest, after the first referee gives authorization, the scorekeeper lets the game captain write a statement for protest on the scoresheet.After the match, * Records the final result of the match* Signs the scoresheet == The assistant scorer (or libero tracker) sits at the scorer's table next to the scorekeeper. The assistant scorer's main function is to record libero replacements on to a libero tracking sheet.THE ASSISTANT SCORER… * Notifies any fault with libero replacements* Operates the manual scoreboard on the scorer's table* Checks the score on the scoreboard with the score on the scoresheet

What are the duties of a scorer?

The Scorer checks both team lists to ensure that all players on court are on the the score sheet, then enters the rotation for the first set. Keeps track of the score and the rotation, substitutions and time outs. Signlas for end of set and end of match. The Assistant Scorer keeps track of the libero swaps, and presses the buzzer for substitutions and time outs.

What is the scorer's job in netball?

The role of a scorer, (or shooter) is to shoot the ball at a high percentage. The scorer is usually the best shooter on the team. The shooter (or shooting guard) usually has the most points per game.

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The Required Skills for Assistant Management Accountant Jobs?

Being an assistant to an account manager is a demanding job. When most people think about assistant jobs, images of running to grab coffee or copying documents come to mind. For an account manager, however, an assistant often has a lot of responsibility in the daily operations at an office. The first skill that will likely be required is knowledge of the Microsoft Quickbooks software. A lot of financial offices depend on this system as a resource for file organization. Quickbooks is used in a majority of accounting offices. This software allows small business owners to easily manage files and keep track of payments from clients. In addition, the software helps keep the confidential information of clients private. A lot of offices require that an assistant can complete invoicing for the company. Invoicing is the process of sending out bills to clients. An invoice reflects the service that a company provided to a customer. An assistant will be responsible for keeping track of the services completed for a customer and billing that customer accordingly. Some offices want assistants to have good marketing skills. An assistant may be responsible for creating the Facebook or Twitter page for an accounting office. Some offices also want to make sure that an assistant can help bring in clients on a daily basis. The ability to aid in building a business is an important quality that a lot of small financial firms seek in assistants. Being able to manage a payroll is another skill an assistant may be required to have. A payroll is the list of people in a company who receive a paycheck from an office. An assistant may be required for distributing the weekly paychecks to the employees of an office. Assistants truly do have a lot of responsibility in a small office setting. If you are applying for an assistant position at an accounting firm, be sure to show how responsible you can be. If you can prove yourself to be a trustworthy and honest individual, then a firm may hire you even if you lack some of the necessary skills. A major part of being an assistant is learning on the job.

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