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no, it's swarming with cops and everyone pretty much minds their own business. if you pay attention to what's going on around you, you're fine

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Q: Is the area around Yankee Stadium dangerous after the game?
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Total area of Yankee stadium?

the area of Yankee stadium is 3,344 ft2.

Is there a parking area for buses at Yankee stadium?


Where are the directions to Yankee Stadium?

Click on the link below to get directions to Yankee Stadium by car, from the tri-state area, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Is anyone offering day trips Bus tours to Yankee Stadium from the Phila. area?


How much land area does the old Yankee Stadium consume?

None. It's been demolished.

Why does Yankee stadium outfield seats have the black area that seems off limits?

It makes it easier for the hitters to see the ball against the black backdrop.

What is the area of Yankee Springs Recreation Area?

The area of Yankee Springs Recreation Area is 21.044 square kilometers.

When was Yankee Springs Recreation Area created?

Yankee Springs Recreation Area was created in 1943.

What is Stadium Area's population?

The population of Stadium Area is 21,906.

What is the safest neighborhood in Detroit?

the area around the old tiger stadium it is called corktown

In what area of London is wembley stadium?

London's Wembley Stadium is situated in an area of London called Wembley, after which the stadium takes it name.

What can go wrong in a baseball game?

Ha Ha well one time someone jumped out of the upper deck and onto the fencing area on homeplate in Yankee Stadium -All-Star memorabilia of Cooperstown

What is the area of Sialkot Hockey Stadium?

The area of Sialkot Hockey Stadium is 101,171.41056 square meters.

What is the area of Peoples Football Stadium?

The area of Peoples Football Stadium is 40,468.564224 square meters.

What is the volume in liters of Yankee Stadium?

I work it to be 24,315,600 cubic feet. I divided the surface area into sections and did the same with the pitch and then used 100ft as the height. trapzium volume: 1/2 x (base plus top) x height

Is the neighboorhood around UPENN dangerous?

nope, its in one of the nicer 'hoods of philly. The area around Temple is the bad 'hoods.

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an area of a city that was poor, dangerous, and crowded

What is Chavez Ravine?

Chavez-Ravine is the area in and around which Dodger Stadium is located. It is a big hill in a sort it includes the Stadium, an arboretrum (a tree museum basically, showing rare trees from around the world which can grow in, Elysian Park, and the Academy of the LAPD.

What was the area of the olympic stadium like before the stadium was built?

it was cold

What is the area of American football stadium?

I assume you mean the field, not the whole stadium. The size of the playing area is 360 ft x 160 ft, an area of 57,600 sq feet.

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What is the area of a football field is?


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