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yes because it has a metal point n the end

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Q: Is the ancient javelin dangerous
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Why is javelin throwing considered dangerous?

javelin is dangerous because you can get someone in the neck if they stand right infront of me

What equipment did the ancient Olympics use?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

Did women compete in the ancient javelin games?


Ancient greek javelin facts?


When did javelin originate?

The sport of javelin originated at the ancient Olympics, but the sport came from a hunting technique

When did ancient Greece start javelin?

727 AD

Was javelin a sport in the ancient Olympics time?


Where did javelin originate?

Ancient Greece. Throwing spears

What equipments were used in the ancient Olympics?

Discus, javelin, chariots.

What track and field events were there in ancient Greek Olympics?

javelin , sprint.

Were the javelin begin?

in ancient greece ;) love u!

What ancient sports are still in the modern games olympic?

Discus and javelin.

What were the sports in the ancient pentathlon?

discus, javelin, jump, running, and wrestling

How did the ancient Greeks train for the javelin throw?

by throwing throwing javelins

What was a popular sport in Ancient Greece in 2000bc?

the javelin throw & discus

What did ancient Greeks throw?

Ancient Greek athletes threw discus and the javelin.

What was the most exciting game in ancient Olympics?

Possibly the discus or javelin throws.

What Ancient Greek words start with j?

javelin a light thrown spear

What was in the pentathlon in the ancient olympic games?

sprinting, long-jumping, javelin, discuss and wrestling were in the Pentathlon in the Ancient Olympic games

How ancient egyptians Javelin throw?

javelin throw is where u run and throw it as far as you could then u will see who is the farthest. Sponsored by Wallmart! valid 1min!

What ancient Olympic games do you not play today?

chariot racing,javelin,discus and pankration

How many people competed in the javelin throw in ancient Greece's Olympics?

45 people:)

Olympic sports that originated from ancient greece?

Running, wrestling, boxing, javelin, discus.

What is the sport of an ancient Greece Olympic Games that involves throwing?

Discus, Javelin, Wrestling.

What sports did the ancient Greeks play?

Ancient Greeks had sports such as running, wrestling, throwing a discus or javelin, and boxing.