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yes the New York Yankees name is trademarked you could be sued if you were to use the "Yankees" name as your own

yes the New York Yankees name is trademarked you could be sued if you were to use the "Yankees" name as your own

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Q: Is the Yankees name trademarked
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Can you use the New York Yankees Logo?

Not for commervial reproduction. It is trademarked.

Is the name TB1 trademarked or a registered name?

No; the registration was abandoned in 2007.

What is the easiest way to have a logo trademarked?

If it is a logo or name that you have designed and it goes outside of the state- is technically trademarked and protected under the common law?

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yes, i think so

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Yes , it is trademarked .

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The word "Coldplay"is probably trademarked as a name.

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Yes; it was registered by Tracy Alford in 2008.

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yes it is trademarked by hasbro

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The flying disc toy uses the trademarked name Frisbee.

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Edge is the "ring name" of professional wrestler Adam Copeland. The name is trademarked by World Wrestling Entertainment.

What were the New York Yankees called before they changed their name to the Yankees in 1912?

The Yankees were known as the New York Highlanders from 1903-1912. In 1913, they changed their name to the Yankees.

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Yes they can, if they belong to a certain company or ownership they can be trademarked.

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The anagram is "Crimplene" (trademarked name for an early polyester fabric).

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If you have been using a name for your company for a while now and it turns out someone has a similar but not exactly the same name trademarked are you forced to change your name?

no you are not

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No it is not trademarked. It is just an extrememly common phrase for weddings mostly, but the phrase itself "save the date" is not trademarked

How did the Yankees get their name?

They got the name because during a war the north was called the Yankees.

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Yes. This is a patented, trademarked product.

What does Mario means?

Mario is the name of a character Trademarked to Nintendo, and an Italian name in general. It's not so much a word in a dictionary, as it is just a name.

What Does Hydrenaline Mean?

The proper name Hydrenaline is a trademarked name by the company The North Face. (it is based on the human hormone name adrenaline)

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