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Q: Is the Yankees 26 championship the highest championships?
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What owner has won the most championships in sports?

The New York Yankees have the most championships in any sports history. They have a total of 26 championships and have appeared in the championship 39 times.

Are mets the best team?

Yankees are Yankees have 26 championships Mets only have 2

How many American League championships have the New York Yankees won?

The New York Yankees have 26 sets of rings (the first year the NY Yankees won in 1923 they were not yet commissioning rings for the championship and they issued a commemorative pocket watch). The NY Yankees have 27 Championships total.

What major sport team has the most championships?

The New York Yankees with 26.

Who has the most World Series victories?

the New York Yankees with 26 world championships

When was last time Yankees won championship game?

The Yankees last winning championship game was on October 26, 2000 against the New York Mets. The Yankees won in 5 games

What baseball team dominated professional baseball?

The New York Yankees. 26 World series championships.

What team has the most World Series titles in Major League history?

The New York Yankees hold the record with 26 World Championships .. As a matter of fact, 26 Championships are the most in ANY sport

Who has more championships the canadiens or the Yankees?

As of February, 2008 the Yankees have won 26 World Series and the Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups. yankees

Who won the second most championship titles in baseball?

St. Louis Cards: 10, behind the Yankees with 26

What team holds the record for the most World Series championships?

the New York Yankees are the only team with more World Series wins than the Cardinals. The Yankees have 26 championships.

The New York Yankees have won 26 world championships going into 2007 What baseball franchise is second?

The St. Louis Cardinals with 10.