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I know there's a world cup for soccer, idk bout Rugby.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-04 02:33:11
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Q: Is the World Cup rugby or soccer?
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Who won the 2010 rugby world cup?

As you have categorised soccer and rugby it is simple - no one has won a world cup in this year as the soccer does not start until 11-6 2010 and the rugby not until June 2011 in New Zealand

What year did France win the world soccer cup and the rugby world cup?

They won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, but have never won the Rugby World Cup, though they did lose the final in 1987 and 1999.

What does the FIFA World Cup look like?

it looks like and big tordament for the soccer it is like another rugby world cup but it is just soccer

Where is the next rugby world cup going to be held?

England 2015 (Rugby is not soccer - wrong category)

Why does rugby world cup happen every 4 years?

Four years is a common period between tournaments in major sports (e.g. the Olympics, FIFA (World Cup). - but Rugby World Cup is nothing to do with Soccer.

Will there be a rugby World Cup in 2010?

There is a rugby world cup in 2010 it is the womans world cup.

Where was the rugby world cup 2004?

There was no rugby world cup in 2004.

What ranking is rugby in the world of sports?

To use world events, it is third behind the Football (Soccer) World Cup and the Olympics

How popular is rugby all over the world?

Supposedly, third? most watched after soccer (of course), and the Olympics. But I'm not positive. Rugby is the 2nd most popular sport in the world statistically in support and participation followed by cricket and then tennis. The Rugby World Cup is the 3rd largest sporting event in the world behind the Olympics and Soccer World Cup.

Why was rugby world cup named after William Webb Ellis?

Because legend has it he created rugby by picking up a soccer ball and running with it

Which team won the World Cup 2011?

There was no soccer world cup in 2011, it was in 2010. Spain won that. The Rugby World Cup in 2011 was won by New Zealand. The 2011 Cricket World Cup was won by India.

When will Brazil going to play in the rugby world cup?

If you mean the FIFA (Soccer/football) World Cup, it's in Brazil in 2014. I don't think Brazil has a competitive international rugby team.

Who won the rugby world cup in 1983?

There was no rugby world cup in 1983.

Who won the rugby world cup on 2001?

There was no rugby world cup in 2001.

Who was the rugby World Cup named after?

the rugby world cup is not named after anyone!!

When was Rugby World Cup created?

Rugby World Cup was created in 1987.

Where can one learn about the rugby world?

"One can learn about the Rugby World by attending the Rugby World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is the international rugby union competition, where the teams are competing to win the William Webb Ellis Cup."

Who are the organizers of the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Its organised by Rugby World Cup Limited

Who played the rugby world cup final 2004?

There wasn't a rugby world cup in 2004.

Who won 2003 rugby World Cup?

England was vetoris the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Who are the heaviest players in 2009 rugby world cup?

There wasn't a 2009 Rugby World Cup

Did Ireland win the Rugby World Cup?

Ireland have not won the Rugby World Cup yet.

When was Women's Rugby World Cup created?

Women's Rugby World Cup was created in 1991.

When was Rugby World Cup Sevens created?

Rugby World Cup Sevens was created in 1993.

When was Rugby League World Cup created?

Rugby League World Cup was created in 1954.

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