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I guess it depends on your term for "fake"

Pro Wrestling as a sport is not real. The situations are not real, the characters are not real, and the outcomes of the matches are all planned. The close finishes, the run ins and every pin is not real. It is all a carefully coordinated act to entertain the audience.

That being said. If you mean fake, as in no physical exertion or reality? That statement is false. The ability to be a pro-wrestler is one that requires the performer to be physically fit enough to constantly perform, dips, tumbles, jumps, holds, and running for a period of 1 hour or more. Not to mention that you also have to "sell" your moves and make them real enough to entertain a crowd of 20,000+ screaming fans. In addition to being an athlete a pro-wrestler also has to be an effective actor and make sure to put on an act, come up with a saying, or develop an attitude that is believable enough to bring fame. That's not all. There is no off-season in pro-wrestling. No cushy 3 or 4 months to get your swing back, or your skills back. A pro-wrestler is expected to perfom 280+ days a year while also travelling back and forth across the country with several hours of practice, performances, and rehearsels required in between this. It is very tough to take any amount of time off since it may hurt your status, or some other wrestler may come in and take your place. WWE is not fake in this sense. The throws are real, the bumps are real, the physical toll is real, every smash of the chair, every jump off the top part of the cage, and every leap off a ladder into a crowd is real. Sometimes mistakes are made and people are seriously injured or even killed.

So to the question. Is WWE fake? In the sense of the outcomes, characters, and situations of matches, Yes. In the sense of the physical and mental toll, no.

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yeah . . . its fake

it is fake

The hits are real but thier planned out

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Q: Is the WWE fake
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