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Q: Is the St Leger run over the longest distance of the 5 Classic Horse Races?
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Which is the longest classic horse race in the UK?

st leger

What is the oldest Classic Horse Race is it the Derby the Oaks the St Leger?

st leger

What is the longest Horse Race of the 5 Classics?

The St Leger

What is the history of the doncaster st leger?

The oldest racecourse and the oldest classic racing event :)

How many furlongs in the St Leger?

The St. Leger horse race is run on a 14.6 furlong route - equal to 1 mile 6 furlongs 132 yards.

Where is the st leger horse race held?

Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England

Which 3 horse races in English triple crown?

Derby st leger and 2000 guineas

How long is the st leger horse race?

One mile six furlongs, run at Doncaster racecourse in South Yorkshire

What has the author Fernand Leger written?

Fernand Leger has written: 'F Leger'

Where is st ledger horse race run?

The St. Leger Stakes is run at Doncaster Racecourse, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

How do you say leger in french?

leger = light

What does fernand leger do?

Fernad leger was trainign to be an architect

When was Leger Hotel created?

Leger Hotel was created in 1851.

When was Will St Leger born?

Will St Leger was born in 1972.

When did Roger Leger die?

Roger Leger died in 1965.

When was Karel Leger born?

Karel Leger was born in 1859.

When did Karel Leger die?

Karel Leger died in 1934.

Which Horse won the St Ledger in 1987?

Reference Point ridden by Steve Cauthen and trained by Henry Cecil won the 1987 St Leger at Doncaster.

The St Leger is run at which british racecourse?

The St Leger is run at Doncater

British general Leger's first name?

general barry st leger

What is Roger Leger's birthday?

Roger Leger was born on March 26, 1919.

When was Roger Leger born?

Roger Leger was born on March 26, 1919.

When was Deutsches St. Leger created?

Deutsches St. Leger was created in 1881.

When was Leger Douzable born?

Leger Douzable was born on 1986-05-31.

When did John St Leger die?

John St Leger died in 1596.