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Q: Is the Springfield Mile Race on a Direct TV channel?
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Where can you watch a 500 mile race?

You can watch a 500 mile car race in Indiana.

Which one is distanced longer a quarter mile race or a 400 meter race?

A quarter mile is 402.336 metres. Therefore a quarter mile race is slightly longer than a 400 metre race.

Where you can watch a 500 mile car race?

You can watch a 500 mile car race in Indiana.

Is Running a 5-mile race a strength excerise?

Strength is certainly a requirement for a 5 mile race, but it is actually an endurance race.

What famous race was held for the first time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1911?

The first race on May 30, 1911 was called the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race a/k/a International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race. The race is now known as the Indianapolis 500.

How much longer in percentage is a one mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile is 7.2% longer than 1500m

How much longer in percentage is a mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile. A mile has 5280 feet while 1600 meters has 5249.3438 feet. A difference of 30.6562 feet.

What channel is the race on?


How far is the Falmouth Road race?

It's a 7 mile race.

Who invented the mile race?

There is no one person credited for creating the mile race. Track and field has been around sense roman times where men would run to see who was the fastest in rome. The mile race simply came after time.

Where ca you watch a mile car race?

An example for a one mile NASCAR race would be the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware, United States aka the "Monster Mile".

How do you convert a 1600 meter race time into the equilvent 1 mile race time?

One mile equals to 1 609.344 meters. Countries that use International System of Units that imported some contests such as a mile race or a quarter mile sprint rounded the mile to 1 600 meters and its quarter to 400 meters. For practical terms you might use the 1 600 m race time as the same as the one mile race time, but for precision you may use the full conversion rate bolded above.