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FencingNo weapon is technically the "sharpest" sword, since they aren't meant to do damage. But, since it doesn't have an actual point, I suppose it could be seen as the sharpest out of the three. AnswerNo weapon in Fencing is sharp, as like above they aren't meant to do damage. Fencing in foil and epee is a contact sport and the action is lunge rather than slash.However, in Sabre, it is a slash motion and contact motion but the swords are not intended to injure the players. There is no "blade" but rather a long thin metal stick. Sharp?Technically none are 'sharp' however due to the nature of continually knocking the blades together; blades that are not kept in pristine condition develop metal splinters on the sides (by nature of the sports, Sabre and epee mostly) If you ran your finger down such a blade it would hurt... a lot. And metal splinters are blighters to get out, fencing blades may not be sharp, but beware holding the actual blade!
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Q: Is the Sabre the sharpest fencing sword?
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What is the name of a Fencing sword?

A foil, an epee, or a Sabre (there is more than one type of fencing sword.

What is the name of the fencing sword?

there are three, the foil, the epee, and the Sabre

Name of fencing sword?

There are three kinds of swords in the sport of fencing: The Foil, the Epee, and the Sabre.

What type of sword is used in Olympics fencing?

There are three types of sword used in fencing, and all three are used in Olympic fencing. The types are: Sabre Epee Foil

Sword used in the sport of fencing?

There are three types of swords used in fencing: An Epee, Foil, or Sabre.

What is the name of a sword used in fencing?

There are three types of fencing blades, each for a different type of fencing. They are foil, sabre, and epee.

What is another name for a fencing sword?

There are three types the foil, épée and the sabre

How do you make fencing foils?

This question is not clear. Fencing is a sport. A foil on a sword used in fencing. There is also epee's and sabre's. What are you tryin to ask.

What is a Sabre commonly used for?

A sabre is a type of sword. Generally sabres are found to be used in fencing. However, sabres were commonly used by Napoleon's cavalries. It is based on the Hungarian sword.

What sword is used for fencing?

There are three types of blades [swords] one is foil, sabre, and epee

What is the sword called in fencing four letter word?

3 types of swords sabre, foil, epee

What is a foil in Sea of Monsters?

A foil is a type of fencing sword. There are three types: foil, epee, and sabre.

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