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The Royal Ballet Company in London, England is one of the premier first tier ballet companies in the world. Their school is very prestigious and has great training!

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Q: Is the Royal Ballet School London a good school?
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Related questions

When was Royal Ballet School created?

Royal Ballet School was created in 1931.

What is the motto of Royal Ballet School?

The motto of Royal Ballet School is 'Strength and Grace'.

How can you audition for the Royal Ballet School if you live in South Africa?

Go on line and see if they do auditions in South Africa. Otherwise you may have to send them a DVD of you dancing, or go to the Royal Ballet school in London.

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the world?

Royal Ballet School Bolshoi Ballet School Kirov Ballet School Paris Opera Ballet School School of American Ballet

Can you audition for the Royal Ballet school if over 18?

You can not audition for the Royal Ballet School if you are over 18. But you can audition for the Royal Ballet Company even if you are over 18. You can not audition for the Royal Ballet School if you are over 18. But you can audition for the Royal Ballet Company even if you are over 18.

What dance school did darcey bussell go to?

Darcey Bussell began her professional training at the Arts Educational School, a specialist dance and musical theatre school in London. At the age of 13, she moved to continue her studies at the Royal Ballet Lower School, a leading international ballet school based at White Lodge, Richmond Park. At 16, she progressed to the Royal Ballet Upper School in Baron's Court, before graduating into the Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet in 1987.

When did darcey start ballet?

She started her professional training at the Charlotte School, in London. Her dancing career at the Royal Ballet began at the age of 13.

What is the best ballet school in the world?

There is not one that is the best but there are many amazing ones. Canada's National Ballet School, American Ballet Theater, Royal Ballet School, Paris Opera, Australian Ballet School, Houston Ballet School, Stuttgart Ballet, and the list goes on....

What is the famous ballet dancing school?

Either Moscow Ballet Company, New York Ballet, IBW (Independent Ballet of Wales) or RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) or RBS (Royal Ballet School)

Which ballet company did darcy bussell first joined?

She trained at the Arts Educational School and the Royal Ballet School, she was later employed by the Royal Ballet, where she became principal.

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the UK?

The Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Central School of Ballet and Elmhurat School for Dance (Birmigham) :) Good luck!!

What is the best full time ballet school in the world?

There are several first tier ballet academies in the world. Many times, if a school is connected to a premier company, their training is very distinct. The School of American Ballet (NYCB), Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis School (ABT), The Royal Ballet School, The Paris-Opera Ballet, The Kirov (Mariinski) Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet, and much more.

What are the best ballet schools?

The Royal Ballet School- London Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of The American Ballet Theatre School of American Ballet Orlando Ballet School Pacific Northwest Ballet School Boston Ballet School Joffrey Ballet New York San Francisco Ballet Ballet Austin School Sarasota Ballet School Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Cincinnati Ballet School Ben Stevenson Academy of Houston Ballet Texas Ballet Theatre School Tulsa Ballet School Ballet Chicago Colorado Ballet School Atlanta Ballet Academy Milwaukee Ballet School Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington D.C. Washington Ballet School Sarasota Ballet School Academy of Dance official School of the Joffrey Ballet Chicago Royal Swedish Ballet Bolshoi School of St. Petersburg, Russia

Where is the royal ballet school?


What are two UK ballet schools?

Two ballet schools in the UK that are well known are The Royal Ballet School, and English National Ballet School (ENBS).

What is the criteria for the Royal Ballet School?

It is for gifted and talented ballet dancers

What is the best ballet school in England?

The Royal Ballet School probably it depends who you ask different people have different opinions.

Can you get a gcse in ballet?

No but you can get a GCSE in dance which sort of includes ballet. That's what they do at the Royal Ballet school.

Where is the royal ballet?

There is a royal ballet in London and one at the Birmingham hippodrome

Could a 12-year-old audition for the Royal Ballet School if they live in New Zealand?

Yes, absolutely. Contact the Royal Ballet School directly and find out when auditions are held for overseas students.

How do you tell your parents you want to audition for the Royal Ballet School?

say "mom, dad, i want to audition for the royal ballet school." if they ask why say "because i love to dance more than anything else" oh and BTW... get the first audition you can because i found out from a VIP of the royal ballet school that the summer school is a first come first serve kinda thing. (i was pretty disappointed myself...)

What age did Cheryl Cole go to the royal ballet school?

She joined their summer school at the age of 9.

Where is Ballet popular?

Ballet is popular all over the world though it originated in France. There are many very famous companies all over the world such as The school of American ballet, Kirov, the royal ballet school, so on.

Where do you learn ballet?

You can start learning ballet at any time. If you start too young, you could get into bad habits, and the Ropyal Ballet School says you should start around 6-7 years of age. You go down to the locakl ballet school, and if you are amazing, auditionj for the Royal Ballet School. Also, go for their Summer School. You learn LOADS, and it is amazing there!!

Do you have to be really good at ballet to get into rad?

well to do a course of royal academy of dance, you can start to learn before you start school (2-3 years old). i do RAD ballet at a normal local dance school and to start you don't have to know anything about ballet. BUT to get into the original school in London you have to qualify to be a professional, so YES in that case you do have to be very GOOD! =] hope this helped =]