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Yes, the floor is the same size for the men and women.

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Q: Is the Olympic gymnastic floor the same size for the men and the women?
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Do men and women shoot from the same distance in Olympic archery?


What is the floor in men's and women's gymnastics?

Well, the actual floor for both is the same- a 40 by 40 inch floor. But the men only do tumbling, while the women do tumbling and dance.

Why were women not allowed to play in the Ancient Greece Olympic games?

Women in Ancient Greek were considered inferior to men and did not have the same rights. For that reason they were not allowed to participate in the Olympic games.

What Olympic event can men and women compete against or be on the same team?


What olympic event can men and women be on the same team?

equestrian and sailing teams

Are gymnastic leotards the same as swimming suit?


What does coed by floor mean?

It typically refers to college dormitory living conditions, whereby men and women live together in the same dormitory (coed), but on different floors. For example, men live on one floor, and women live on another floor.

What piece of gymnastic equipment is used in women's performances only?

The piece of equipment that is only used in women's performances only are called "The Uneven Bars". They have bars for mens performances but they are not the same as the womens. The men's are called "The Parallel Bars".

How can I get someone into women's gymnastics classes that would prepare them for the olympics?

If your daughter is taking gymnastics classes, the same shcool of where she is attending should be able to tell here how to prepare for the olympic if she is qualify to participating for the olympic.

In what Olympic event may men compete against women or be on the same team?

show jumping or maybe dressage, something to do with horses

Is the Olympic flame the same as the Olympic torch?

yeah it is i think

What are the same about the ancient and modern Olympics?

Women are now allowed to compete and there is a Marathon and there is winter Olympics and many more sports and no going naked. Ancient Olympic and Modern Olympic has a lots of events.

How heavy is a Olympic discus?

I olympic disc is the same as college which is 2K

Is the summer Olympic games and the Olympic games the same?

Yes. The Olympic Games include the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games is said to separate it from the Winter Olympic Games.

What is the same about both of the olympic games?

the games are the same

What colors do the 2008 olympic mascots represent?

The same colours as the olympic rings.

Which of these is an event in both men's and women's gymnastics?

Their are two events that are the same in women's and men's gymnastics. The first is Vault and the second is the Floor Exercise. There are different regulations and skills that are performed by male gymnasts and female gymnasts, but the basics are mostly the same and the vault is the event that is the closest in relation between men and women's gymnastics.

How many meadals has Lauren Mitchell won?

Lauren Mitchell does not have any Olympic medals. She has two World Championsips medals for the floor exercise. In 2009, she earned a silver medal on the floor exercise at the World Championships. She won a gold on the same event in the 2010 World Championships.

Are there any Olympic events where men can compete in but women can't?

A number of gymnastics events: pommel horse, high bar, rings. In sailing the women don't sail the same boats. Decathlon.

Is an olympic record the same as a world record?

No they are not the same. A World Record can be broken at any time. Whereas an Olympic Record can only be broken at the Olympic Games (it's a glorified Meet Record.) Keep in mind that a World Record CAN be set at the Olympic Games (which would in turn, automatically break the Olympic Record as well.) A World Record outranks an Olympic Record.

Is NBA rules the same as olympic basketball?


Is Asian games and olympic games are same?


Who was the first athlete to win four olympic gold medals in the same olympic games?

jim thorpe

Who was the first athlete to win four Olympic gold medals in the same Olympic game?

Jim Thorpe

How was the olympic games in ancient Greece the same as today's olympic games?

They both had people in it and judges and prizes