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Basically, it's a pitching wedge.

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Q: Is the No 10 Iron a Pitch or Sand Wedge?
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What is a 10 iron golf club?

A 10 iron is usually found in Callaway golf sets of irons, it is basically a pitching wedge. I have an old set of Yonex ADX irons and it has 3-10 iron with P and S wedge. The standard wedge degrees are as follows:Flop Wedge-64 degrees Lob Wedge-60 degrees Sand Wedge-56 degrees Gap Wedge-52 degrees Pitching Wedge-49/48 degrees I believe the 10 iron is around 44-45 degree. But the better question is do you need one in your bag?

What is the name of all the golf clubs?

ANSWER: Driver (1 wood) 3 wood 4 wood 5 wood 7 wood 9 wood 1 hybrid 2 hybrid 3 hybrid 4 hybrid 5 hybrid 2 iron 3 iron 4 iron 5 iron 6 iron 7 iron 8 iron 9 iron 10 iron Pitching wedge Gap Wedge Sand Wedge Lob Wedge Chipper Putter

Do you need a 10 iron in your bag?

That would be a pitching wedge.

What is the number 10 iron called in golf?

10 iron is used by Callaway on some of their irons. It is basically a pitching wedge.

In golf the number 10 iron is usually called what?

10 iron is used by Callaway on some of their irons. It is basically a pitching wedge.

In golf what name is given to the number 10 iron?

The ten iron was used by Callaway in a few of their lines, it was basically a pitching wedge.

What degree is the pitching wedge burner 2.0?

45 degrees and sand wedge 55 degrees. They sell a gap wedge to bridge the 10 degree gap which is 50 degrees and stamped A on the sole_I am currently looking for one!!

What is the ideal loft on a sand wedge?

It's usually around 56 degrees, with something like 10 degrees of bounce.

What is a 10 club in golf?

These clubs are usually made by Callaway, I have seen them in the Big Bertha sets. They are basically a pitching wedge. I would consider a 10 Iron to be more of a lob wedge. Mine is an old Spalding with a 60º loft, and hands down the best club in my bag. I have worked magic with that 10 iron.

What is a low bounce wedge?

Bounce is the angle of the sole to the ground. A lower bounce wedge will perform better on courses with tight lies, fairway shots and tight compacted sand. Typically a Low Bounce wedge will be in the 0-10° range.

What degree is Nike slingshot A wedge?

The Slingshot OSS iron AW or "A Wedge" degree is 50* Other specs: 65.5* Lie angle 0.155" Offset 10* Bounce 36" in length D2 Swingweight

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