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As corrupt as any pro sports league.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-08 04:07:30
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Q: Is the NFL corrupt
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How is power corrupt?

power in itself is not corrupt, but is it possible to corrupt power

What US state is the least corrupt?

States are not corrupt. People are corrupt.

Is India corrupt?

yes india is corrupt , but its not most corrupt country,

How corrupt is Fidel Castro?

Very corrupt.

What is the root word of corrupt?

corrupt is the root word.

What can people do when government is corrupt?

What can people do when government is corrupt

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The Vatican is not corrupt but it does have a number of members of the curia that are corrupt. Pope Francis is slowly weeding out these people, however.

When was Corrupt Absolute created?

Corrupt Absolute was created in 1993.

When was Then I Corrupt Youth created?

Then I Corrupt Youth was created in 2001.

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One opposite of corrupt is honest.

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Russia is the most corrupt country in Europe, the Ukraine is the most corrupt country wholly in Europe.

Why do people cling to corrupt religions that twist the will of god to reach their own goals?

In short because since the fall of Adam and Eve people are corrupt and tend to corrupt anything if they think that it will benefit them and their corrupt desires.

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You spell the word corrupt -C-O-R-R-U-P-T. So, yes I can spell corrupt.

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Mr.jones is the corrupt human in the book animal farm. also napoleon is the corrupt animal in animal farm.

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Walpole was an effective politician in a corrupt society

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Church leaders become corrupt for the same reason that everybody else becomes corrupt. Sinfulness. When you find someone who is corrupt you can trace it back to greed and arrogance.

Worlds most corrupt country?

the most corrupt country in the world is Pakistan.

A sentence using the word corrupt?

dont corrupt my class again billy

What is corrupt government?

A corrupt government is a government that operates for the gain of its officials and not of the country.

Where you can repair corrupt dragon chain body?

You can't repair corrupt items.

The word corrupt in a sentence?

Some people believe that the American government is corrupt.

Is corrupt an adjective in the following sentence?

the corrupt senator will not be running for office again.

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No there is not a corrupt dragon.Corrupt dragon armour is dragon armour that does not have dragon skin(it falls apart after a few months of wearing it).

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I don't believe you can become completely corrupt, theres no limit to how corrupt you are, just how it affects you. The best way to become corrupt is to buy property's and raise the rent or prices to +100%. and if you regret becoming corrupt, you can increase your purity very quickly by going round to all your property's and lowering the rent or prices to the minimum.

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The most corrupt country in the world is Somalia.Pakistan