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No, in countries that observe the metric system, it is measured in kilometers.

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The first marathon was 24 miles won by Spyridon Lewis. Through the years the mileage of the marathon has changed and it has extended to 26 miles.

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Q: Is the Marathon always calculated in Miles and Yards?
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How many yards in marathon?

A marathon is defined as 42.195 kilometers exactly. This converts to 26 miles 385 yards -- or 26.21876 miles.

How many yards are in a marathon?

There are exactly 46,145 yards in a marathon. A marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards. The world record is slightly over two hours for that distance.

How long is marathon in miles?

26 miles 385 yards

How long is the Olympic marathon race?

The race is 42.195 kilometers.An ordinary marathon is a tiny bit shorter at 46,145 yards (26 miles + 385 yards, about 26.22 miles).26 miles and 385 yards.

How many miles is London Marathon?

26 miles 385 yards

How long is the potteries marathon?


What is the standard distance of a marathon race in the Olympics?

42.195 km (about 26.22 miles) The "ordinary marathon" is also about 26.22 miles, more precisely 26 miles+385 yards, or 46145 yards, a tiny bit shorter (0.013 yards).

What is the length of a marthon race?

The marathon is a road race distance of exactly 42.195 km, as defined by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS), and the Road Running Technical Council of USA Track & Field (RRTC/USATF). The conversion of this distance into Imperial units is approximately -- not exactly -- 26.21876 miles, a distance that is commonly rounded to 26.2 mile. The official length is 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards)It depends on the Marathon.

Haw far is a marathon?

26 miles 365 yards

Why is the length of a marathon 26 miles and 385 yards?

The event commemorates the fabled run by the Greek soldier Pheidippides from the Battle of Marathon to Athens which was a distance of 26 miles and 385 yards.

How many KM is a marathon?

The marathon is defined as 42.195 km.It's 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 kilometers).42.16km

How many miles is a modern-day marathon?

The classic marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards