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No. Perhaps the most famous, but in terms of prize money there are richer races -- for example, the Breeders' Cup Classic and the Dubai Cup.

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Q: Is the Kentucky Derby the biggest horse race in the world?
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Is the Kentucky Derby the biggest horse race meet in the world?

Yes the Kentucky Derby is the largest horse race in the world and it is also the oldest.

What is the biggest horse race in the world?

the derby is the largest horse race in the world.

Where horse racing is most popular in the world and how?

Kentucky, USA. It is known for the Kentucky Derby.

What state is host to one of the most famous horse races in the world?

the only horse race i know of is the Kentucky Derby....its pretty famous.

What are the seven most famous horse races in the world is the Kentucky Derby which is held the first weekend of May?


In which city is the Kentucky Derby held?

Louisville is the city in which the Kentucky Derby is held. It always has been the location of the Derby. In the year 2010, the city celebrated the 136th running of the world-famous thoroughbred horse race in its historic racetrack at Churchill Downs.

Is the Kentucky Derby held in Kentucky?

Yes, the Kentucky Derby is held in Kentucky. It's held at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville. The 2010 Derby represents the 136th running of the world-famous race.

Which world-famous horse race is held in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Derby is the world-famous horse race that's held in Kentucky. It takes place on the first Saturday of May. It's the longest continuously running event in the sports history of the United States of America.

Where was the Kentucky Derby held?

Churchill Downs was where the Kentucky Derby always has been held. The historic, world-famous racetrack is located in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2010, it has been the site of 136 runnings of the world-famous Derby.

Has any one owner won all of the horse races in the world?

No. As of May, 2009 Sheik Mohammad from Dubai is a thoroughbred race horse owner who has won every horse race in the world except the Kentucky Derby.

Which horse will win the Kentucky Derby?

I bet you all of the money in the world that Aniamal Kingdom will win the Kentucky Derby, 137, and Nerho , will probably come in 2nd, with Mocha Mocha Man in 3rd, and maybe Arch Arch Arch in 4th. That is my guess.

What is the horse capitol of the world?


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