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New York City because all of the other teams are named after cities not states

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Q: Is the Jets and the Giants named after New York City or the state of New York?
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Do the Jets and the Giants represent the state or the city?

yes they do, Nikki T is stupid.

What state do the New York Jets and giants play in?

Giants play in New York, Jets play in New Jersey

Which has more fans giants or jets?

The jets bigger city. Thats like saying LSU or lousiana

Jets or giants?

Giants. Jets are cool to but I just like the giants better.

I'm trying to find out which city in the state of new york the Jets play their home football games.?

the jets home football games are played at meadowlands which is where giants stadium is which is in NJ

Who is better giants or jets?


Who is better jets or giants?


Who is is better jets or giants?

the jets

Why don't they change the name of the jets and Giants to the New jersey Jets New York has the Buffalo Bills to represent the State.?

Because they are both in the New York City metropolitan area, therefore they are still representing the state

What state is the location of the new giants and jets stadium being built?

new york

Which state do the New York Jets and New York Giants play in?

New Jersey

Does giants have more fans than jets?

Yes, because they are popular than the jets. Giants been in the NFL before the Jets. Giants are the most outstanding of them all.

How long have the Jets and Giants been a New Jersey team?

The Giants and Jets are actually not a New Jersey Team. Both teams are known as the New York Giants and Jets. Their stadium however is located in New Jersey just 10 minutes east of New York City.

What team is older ny giants or ny jets?

The Giants were formed in 1925 the Jets in 1960.

What jets record against the giants in nfl?

The Jets are (4-8-0) against the giants.

How many pro teams have moved out of New York city?

The Giants and Dodgers baseball teams and the Jets and Giants football teams

Do NFL teams always practice in the home state or city in which they are named for?

No, sometimes not even in the same state. For many years the Detroit Lions played and practiced in Pontiac. The Washington Redskins play in Maryland. The New York Jets and the New York Giants play in New Jersey.

Does Spike Lee root for the Jets or Giants?


If the jets play the giants in new jersey who is at home?


Does New York make money from the Giants and Jets?

yes they do make money from both the giants and the jets

What city and state is the New York Jets in?

Dallas, California

What is the New York Jets stadium called?

It is called 'Giants Stadium'.The Jets share the stadium with the NY Giants.

What is the jets stadium name?

The Jets and the Giants share the same stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Although the Jets play there, it is officially called Giants Stadium.

Who got new stadium NY jets or giants?

The New Meadowlands stadium in NJ will be shared by both Jets and Giants.

What are New Jerseys sport teams called?

nets giants jets Devils or at least the giants and jets play in new jersey