Is the English Defense League racist?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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The English Defence League is quite racist as it is white and black English people who target Asian English people. However it is mainly known for being Islamophobic; it is prejudiced against Muslims. Islam is not a race but a religion.

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Q: Is the English Defense League racist?
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When was National-Christian Defense League created?

National-Christian Defense League was created in 1923.

When did National-Christian Defense League end?

National-Christian Defense League ended in 1935.

Why is the English language so racist?

It is not.

What will happen if the Muslim Extremists successfully bomb the English Defence League EDL rally in London?

If the Muslim extremists successfully bomb the English defense league EDI rally in London, the UK and its allies are likely to respond and take them out totally.

Who are the English Defense League?

The English Defense League are known for racism and intolerance, most of this is mainly towards Muslim. I know as I am a Muslim myself... The EDL, do not like Muslims and want to kill them.The EDL claim that they exist solely to resist Muslim fundamentalism, specifically Sharia Law. So basically, they do not like the Muslim religion and beliefs.

Is bother a racist term?

No, there are no racist terms in the English language. Language is beautiful and all words have value.

Were there any other groups like the KKK?

White power, Or groups that have problems with other ethnicitys BNP (British National Party) EDL (English Defense League) NF (National Front) MDL(Muslim Defense League) - No it's not a joke Lots more but there the main ones

How many English players in the English premier league?

35 American players are in the English premier league.

When was English Basketball League created?

English Basketball League was created in 2003.

When was English National League created?

English National League was created in 1935.

When did English National League end?

English National League ended in 1954.

When was English Defence League created?

English Defence League was created in 2009.