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sorta, its great when its bought, but getting it into in prime is the best. make sure to hit atleast 120-140 balls to break it in, and remember to rotate the bat after every hit.

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Q: Is the Easton XL1 ready out of the wrapper?
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What color will the November Easton XL1 baseball bat be?

it will be really good

Which Baseball Bat Marucci Cat 5 31 26 or Easton XL1 31 26?

Easton Definatley!

Does the easton Xl1 have good pop?

The easton XL1 has incredible pop. and is especially recommended by power hitters, Its pop is so great, if your hitting the ball to the mid out field regularly with your old bat, youll be pulling balls over the fence easily. P.s. it is the new version of the easton omen and is very similar, and pretty much just as good as the easton omen.

The best baseball bat ever?

combat b3 big barrel and the Easton XL1

Is the easton xl1 good?

yes it is. great way for power hitters to contribute its full power potential at the plate.

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What is the best composite baseball bat?

If you want a good composite bat, you're best best bat will be either the CF4 black, or the Combat B3, I have owned both of these bats, and to me, they are both amazing bats. Now in 2012, the Easton XL1 is the best composite baseball bat. p.s. college players use the XL1 also, rather than little leaguers and all other ages.

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