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Yes I have it it is a very good bat

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Q: Is the Easton Redline CXN BT360 Adult bat good?
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Are all Easton bats good?


Which bat is better?

An easton is very good

Is an easton rival bat a good bat?


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in my opinion and lots of other people's opinion it is the easton s19 or else the easton stealth rs it is good to

Are easton baseball gloves any good?

In my opinion, Easton gloves are on their way out. Dropping all their glove endorsements. Not a quality to glove in my opinion.

Does the easton Xl1 have good pop?

The easton XL1 has incredible pop. and is especially recommended by power hitters, Its pop is so great, if your hitting the ball to the mid out field regularly with your old bat, youll be pulling balls over the fence easily. P.s. it is the new version of the easton omen and is very similar, and pretty much just as good as the easton omen.

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What color will the November Easton XL1 baseball bat be?

it will be really good

Is the eastonVS12 a good bat?

Yes! It is a very good bat. I would recommend the easton sv12 bsv3.

Which Baseball Bat Marucci Cat 5 31 28 or Easton S3 31 28?

Personally I would go with the Easton S3, both of these bats are used on my baseball team, and both are very good. However, the Easton has lasted longer (As the Cat 5 died out in half a season), and the Easton has a bigger sweet spot.