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i have a stinger p9 all black in Canada i got lucky i think it is very nice i must say but i am looking for another spring pistol for the same price you can get a Tokyo marui best quality m9 pistols spring powered and also i am thinkin of getting the p50 i want it to

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12y ago
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You should be able to find one of the old ones if you look online. Crosman put out a new version with a shorter barrel and a functional rail on the bottom, unlike version 1 which had a mock rail that didn't work and served no purpose. Google it. Best advice right there. Or Bing or Yahoo it if that's your type of thing. Most old P9's still come with the holster and bb's.

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It truly depends on preference. The p9 clip holds a large number of pellets that can be shaken into the spring for shooting (12 pellets per spring load). The p9t on the other hand loads 15 pellets, but has not compartment for quick reload inside the clip. Both spring pistols must be cocked before each shot. Once the p9 is out, the slide locks back waiting to be released. This feature was removed from the p9t. The holster with the p9 is a quick release buckle, but the other is velcro. Both pistols (in my opinion) work best with .25 gram pellets.

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it is a very good gun i had one and loved it.

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Q: Is the Crosman stinger p9 a good air soft gun?
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Please state the condition of the Crosman rifle? Is it still working? Is it in Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair or Poor condition? With this information I can give an estimate of value.