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Q: Is the Common drink cup okay in the work place?
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Can the owner of the place you work drink alcohol during working hours?


What are the common cause of fire in the work place?

Putting foil or a utensil in the microwave

What ARE common features of professional ethics?

it is ethical value that are obeyed in the work place

Name a place that you wouldn't want to go after having a few to drink?

place of worship, work, police station, home, parent's house, in law's house, court

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His sides or his balls.

Noise is one of the most common health problems in the work place True or False?


Is it okay to make kids do work?

No and i am a kid who answer it

Is it against the law to drink before work in Oregon?

is it against the law to drink before work

Is an associate degree in nursing taken online acceptable in healthcare settings?

Yes, they are okay to have in the work place. I would recommend looking at a local community college to start.

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You can work at fast food place like mcdonalds and burgerking.

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If it okay for your girlfriend to work for her ex boyfriend as long as both of them have truly moved on, and as long as you feel okay about it. If you feel that them working together will cause issues, you should be honest and discuss your feelings with her.