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Who was the founder of the a settlement house in Chicago known as the Hull house

Founder of hull house

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Q: Is the C on the Chicago Cubs hat for Chicago or Cubs?
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What sports hat has a red C on it?

Chicago Cubs

Who can wear a Chicago Cubs hat?

Anyone can wear a Chicago Cubs hat if they are a fan and or like the design of the hat. These hats can be brought for both male and female hat wearers.

What is the average cost for a Chicago Cubs hat at a game?

The average cost for a Chicago Cubs hat at a game on Wrigley Field are 20 US dollars. Chicago Cubs fans are remarkable for being some of the most simultaneously resigned yet optimistic fans in the game.

What color is a Chicago Bears hat?

"A Chicago Bears hat is designed with the official colors of the Chicago Bears football team. The hats are navy blue, orange, and white. They usually are embellished with an orange 'C' outlined in white on the front of the hat."

In The Sandlot what does the C on the hat that Benny gives to Smalls stand for?

Chicago bears

What is the Chicago Cubs song called?

the Chicago cubs song. GO CHICAGO!

What can you tell us about the Chicago Cubs' Jerseys?

One thing about Chicago Cubs' jerseys is that they are mainly white with a red C as the logo. They also have different jerseys for home games and away games.

Who is better the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?


When was Chicago Cubs created?

Chicago Cubs was created in 1870.

Where were Chicago Cubs founded?

The Cubs were founded in Chicago and have always been a Chicago team.

Where do the Chicago Cubs play their home game?

The Chicago Cubs play in Chicago, Illinois at Wrigley Field.The Chicago Cubs play their home games at Wrigley Field located in Chicago, Illinois.

When did the Chicago Cubs start?

The Chicago Cubs started in 1876-present