Is the Bauer one90 a good stick?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The one 90 is a great stick. I got it used and it is still holding up well. This stick is abused every game and it still feels great and doesnt seem like it will break any time soon. I have the P92 (Naslund) curve with 87 flex. The one 90 is the best stick i have ever owned.

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It is a great stick for the price but it depends on what you are looking for...if you are more of a power shooter and take a lot of slapshots you are better to go with the SupremeOne30 for about the same price otherwise the X20 is great I just bought one and I love it.

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Yes, it is a great stick, but it all depends on personal choice and liking.

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Q: Is the Bauer one90 a good stick?
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Do blades fit in the nikebauer one90 stick?


What is a good stick for a ice hockey defensemen?

The Nike Bauer sticks have good flex for slapshots and ristshots.

Who invented the Bauer total one nxg hockey stick?


What is the difference between the Bauer vaper x60 stick'um and the Bauer x60 stick?

Just the grip of the stick dont get stickum

What hockey stick is better The Bauer Vapor X6.0 or the Bauer Vapor X60 And why?

bauer vapor x6.0

What kind of stick does Steven Stamkos use?

Steven Stamkos uses a Nike Bauer stick which is black and the Bauer sign is in the middle and it is white. the blade and the nob tape are white

What is the best hockey stick on the markets?

The best hockey stick is the easton S17, easton SE16, nike Bauer one95,or the nike Bauer XXXX.

How much is the Nike Bauer one 95 stick cost?

they are 749.99 they are a very nice skate a fully composite boot and it is very stiff but DONT buy skates off of eBay i work at a hockey store and i get lots of people bring skates in trying to exchange them for the right size just go to you nearest first line Bauer dealer and let them size you up.

What is a good ice hockey stick?

I use the Bauer Vapour X:40, and it is a very good stick, and if you are willing to spend the money, the X:60 is better quality. (And it looks cool! Bonus!) XD

Is the Bauer one20 a good stick?

I have one. It was only $50 and not on sale but I like it. I could break it over my knee however.

What stick does Milan Lucic use?

Bauer totalone

What is the best stick you can buy?

The best stick you can have is a warrior Bently or a Bauer x6o (have them both):