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Yes, this helmet is used by much of the NHL and I have this helmet playing AA and no problems so far. I love it! Looks good too!

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Q: Is the Bauer 4500 a safe enough helmet to buy?
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Where can one buy a safe cycling helmet for a child?

There are many places where one can buy a safe cycling helmet for a child. One can buy a safe cycling helmet for a child at popular mass retailers such as Walmart, Target, or Shopko.

How safe is bobsledding?

it can be safe if you know what your doing. always wear a helmet.

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Washington?

It depends on your age. If you are 16 you have to wear a helmet. But if you want your head to get blown off that's on you. It is safe to wear a helmet for protection.

How can you be safe?

You can be safe by wearing a helmet picking up after your self so no one trips over it.

Why is it safe to wear a bike helmet?

I don't know about "safe", but it is safer. If you fall and hit your head the helmet will soak up some of the energy that otherwise would have gone straight into your skull.

What is a good motorcycle helmet? will answer this question and more for you. be safe and drive smart knowing you have a good helmet.

Are football helmets really safe enough?

It depends on which kind of helmet you are talking about, I specifically choose riddell for myself over schutt due to the constant concussions and injuries to minors in junior high!

How is revolution football helmets safe?

Helmet sits higher off the head. Helmet also extends to cover the mandible bone on players jaw.

How safe is a hjc motorcycle helmet dot snell90?

If the helmet has decals from both the DOT and SNELL, it will exceed the minimum safety requirements of the US Govt.

Need to wear a helment when riding a skateboard in Victoria?

wearing a helmet is crucial when doing any active sport. stick to the safe side, wear a helmet

Is wearing a helmet on a motorcycle a federal law?

I dont believe it is but it is safe to wear one

What makes a good safe bike helmet?

If the helmet fits your head well, and has a label inside saying that it's compliant with CPSC, Snell or ASTM standards, then it's probably a good, safe helmet - providing it's not too old, or has taken a bad impact already. I'll post a link with more info.