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The field is 68 meters wide and 105 long.

This makes it by far the widest field in topfootball, and a bit of cheating

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Q: Is the Barcelona football field bigger than any other?
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Is CFL the football field bigger than any other?

Not really. It's the same size as all the other football fields in Canada.

Who has a bigger history Liverpool football Club or FC Barcelona?

yeah , they areliverpool are the most successful football club in british history , that is a fact18 league titles , 5 European cupsno other club , including Manchester united , has that kind of succes

which dinosaur is bigger a diplodocus or a janenschia?

diploducos hes like a quarter of a football field big and the other one is about 15 washing mashines big

Is giants the best football team?

no,there are many other teams like barcelona,real madrid.they are the best

What other sports can you use a football field for?


Is Barcelona one of the best football clubs in the world?

ofcourse not . it would be an insult to the other best football teams like - LIVERPOOL ARSENAL TOTTEHAM HOTSPURS

Why is the d on a football field?

The D on a football field is marked there specifically for penalties so that no other player can encroach into the area until the penalty has been struck. It serves no other purpose

Who has won more matches against each other from Barcelona Football Club and Chelsea fc?

they have played on six occassions and chelsea has won 3 barcelona has won 2 and draw against each other 1.

Is a football field a line segment?

No. A fotball field is an area of grass or other surface painted in the outline of a football field. A line segment is a straight line which has a defined beginning and end, and is continuous between those points.

How maqny officials are on the field during a football game?

There is 1 referee and 6 other officials on the field at one time.

What is the lenge of a football field?

120 yards from the back of one endzone to the end of the other.

Is real Madrid historically better than any other football club in the world?

Yes I think Real Madrid is historically better than any other football club because they have won numerous amounts of trophy's and they work together, were as Barcelona has had players come in and out witch makes it harder for them to ajust and on Barcelona they have a player who gets all the credit (Messie) and the other players are just side icons.