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A Babe Ruth State Quarter? Please post new question with the date on the coin and a better description.

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Q: Is the Babe Ruth state quarter worth more than 25 cents?
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What is a Babe Zaharias 18 cent stamp worth?

This stamp is still easy to find.You should be able to buy a mint copy for about 35 cents or a nice used copy for20 cents.

What is your Babe Ruth worth?

Alot of $

What is a Babe Ruth card worth?

a babe Ruth card is worth about five bucks his rookie card 10 million dollars.

How much is a 1936 Babe Ruth sporting news conion card worth?

How much is this baseball card worth

Babe Ruth stamp pin worth?

The .20 cents Babe Ruth Stamp was issued by the US postal service on July 6, 1983. A pin depicting the stamp was also issued. The pin has a low collectors value, and can be purchased on eBay for about $1.00

What is the value of a 1923 Babe Ruth card?

The Babe Ruth: Called Shot is worth $ 270,000.

How much Babe Ruth cards are worth?

A Babe Ruth card is worth a total of anywhere between 25 and 125 dollars depending on condition.

How much is a babe the sultan of swat worth?


How much is a Babe Ruth swell card worth?

its worth 2.5 million dollars

What is the value of the 1992 Delphi Babe Ruth called shot baseball card?

25 cents

Babe Ruth was born in which state?


How much money is the Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

== ==

What is an Effanbee Babe Ruth Doll from 1982 worth?


What is a Babe Ruth champion pin worth?

50 million

How much is a 1919 babe Ruth card worth?


How much is a 1993 24k gold spectrum babe Ruth card worth?

How much is it worth

How much is a 1993 hoyle products Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

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What would babe ruth's driving license be worth?

alot. period

How much is a Babe Ruth golden legends card worth?


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What is the worth of a babe Ruth 1923 being remembered card?

what is the value of a 1933 babe ruth career highlight baseball card

How much is a real Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

How much a real Babe Ruth baseball card is worth depends on the edition and its condition, but a Babe Ruth rookie card was recently sold for $517,000.

How much is a Babe Ruth New York Yankees outfield card worth?

some are worth 10,000 dollars

What state was Babe Ruth born in?

I believe Baltimore, Maryland

Who hit a baseball across a state line?

babe Ruth