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Yes it will be, if they always show games on the T.V. I'm sure they will! BYU usually has all games on T.V., I can't remember one where they haven't.

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Q: Is the BYU and Utah State football game on TV?
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When is the Byu vs Utah football game 2009?

Saturday at 3:00 pm. Its at the byu

What was the score for the BYU vs Utah game for 2009?

BYU: 26 Utah: 23 It was a great game to watch........BYU ROCKS

What state is byu in?


Byu is located in what state?

Utah, unless you are talking about BYU Idaho or BYU Hawaii.

What was the score of the first BYU Utah football game?

In 1893, BYU played Utah and lost 12-4. Points in football were different back then, so that explains it. The first officialgame, however, took place in 1922. BYU lost 49-0. That was when points are how they are now.

What was the final score of the November 5 BYU vs Colorado State college football game?

The score of the game was BYU 24, Colorado State 3.

University of Byu is located in which state?

Utah, unless your talking about BYU Idaho or BYU Hawaii

When was BYU-Utah established?

The first BYU vs Utah game was in 1922. Utah domiated until LaVell Edwards came along, and BYU started to take over.

What was the final score of the BYU vs Utah football game in 2006?

BYU - 33 Utah - 31 From different person: BYU barely won. They won like 2 games in a row. Utahs record is like 20! Look it up on google. Utah is won over 550 games vs. BYU. BYU has barely won over 450.

What are the 5 division 1 college teams and their mascots in the state of Utah?

Utah state, Utah utes, byu weber state, southern Utah

Which team is more popular BYU Cougurs or Utah Utes?

Cougars. They have BYU Idaho and BYU Hawaii and the central BYU in Utah that all help them grow more popular. Plus, they are said to have more tradition and more entertaining football games.

Who are the officials of the UW vs BYU football game of 2008?

UW won the Bowl game! (not BYU) SO SAD! I LOVE BYU!

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