Is tennis bad for your elbow?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Yes it can be bad for your elbow. As you develop your tennis skills, you may experience heavier racquets that could sometimes hurt your elbow. If you notice that your elbow throbs, see a doctor. There is such a thing as "tennis elbow" and it is where the inside part of your elbow is enflamed.

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Q: Is tennis bad for your elbow?
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What are the types of tennis elbow?

right elbow and left elbow

How do tennis players get tennis elbow?

Any tennis player can get tennis elbow depending on how you hold your racquet, your follow through and how much spin you produce.

Does tennis elbow cause severe elbow pain?

I think so as I have sore shoulders A week after being diagnosed with Tennis elbow

Why do your elbows hurt when you get up in the morning?

Tennis Elbow

Where you can download tennis Elbow 2008?

You only can download it if you register in the forum ( You have to go to "Tennis Elbow 2008" subforum and search the topic "Tennis Elbow 2008 demo version".

Could sleeping cause the condition known as Tennis or Golfers Elbow?

No, tennis elbow is caused by an inflamation or infection of the bursa surrounding the elbow joint. Sleeping does not cause this

Which famous tennis player has had tennis elbow?

Rod Laver, Tony Roche, and Arthur Ashe all ended up with tennis elbow. They hit the ball primarily with their wrists. This puts tremendous force on the elbow. Pancho Gonzales, Ken Rosewall, and Pancho Segura were immune to tennis elbow. They hit the ball from the shoulder down.

What is the icd-9 code for elbow pain?

719.42 726.32 for Tennis Elbow

What is the name of elbow strap for tennis elbow?

This strap is called a counterforce brace.

Is housewife's elbow the same as tennis elbow?

No its not, the technical term is elbow bursitis and its a painful condition caused by constant pressure on the elbow, think a housewife leaning on her elbow while cleaning, hence the name. Golfer's elbow is tennis elbow a tendonitis condition, completely different. Link below will help.

Is treatment for tennis elbow with cortizone shots OSHA recordable?

Injections are medical procedures beyond first aid. So treatment for tennis elbow with cortisone shots would be OSHA recordable - but only if the problem (tennis elbow) was the result of paid employment activity or was aggravated by paid employment activity. Unless you are a tennis pro working for someone else, getting tennis elbow from playing tennis is unlikely to be the result of your work activity.