Is tennis a team sport

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Tennis can be either an individual or team sport.

In individual tennis, one plays only for themselves. If they lose, it only affects them. This type of tennis is played at the tournament and professional levels.

In team tennis, there are multiple players. They each play a match and every won match counts as a point. The winner is the team with the most points. Tennis leagues usually play this style.

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Q: Is tennis a team sport
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Is table tennis a team sport?

It can be either a team sport or played by an individual.

Definition of dual sport and individual sport?

An individual sport is where you are a one-man team, like tennis. However, a dual sport is where your "team" consists of two people, like doubles tennis.

Which sport is not considered a group team sport?

The sport of tennis.

Is table tennis an individual or team sport?


What sport is not played in a team?

Tennis, bowling, golf

What is the meaning of dividual sport?

An individual sport is where you are a one-man team, like tennis.

What sport is the winning team awarded the Davis cup?

Tennis is the sport associated with the Davis Cup.

In which sport might you hear the team forty love?

In Lawn Tennis.

Is badminton a team sport of individual sport?

It is played either individually or pairs, just like tennis.

What sport is not considered a group team sport?

Boxing is one. Sports are mainly team oriented. For example, tennis, golf, bowling, swimming, diving and table tennis are mainly individual sports, but they all have team events also.

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

What team sport with five players per team?

not touch football, or netball, or tennis. hope this helps :)

Difference between group team sport and individual team sport?

A team sport involved playing a sport with teammates such as baseball and socccer, because there are other people on your team. An individual sport like golf or singles tennis is just you playing by yourself against another individual.

Is tennis a sport?

Yes tennis is a sport.

Is tennis a sport that you get pressure from?

Tennis is also a sport that you can get pressure from.

How many people play badminton in a team?

Badminton is played like tennis, in singles or doubles. It is not a team sport.

What sport is played at Wimbledon?


What new womens team sport was played on the sand in the 1996 summer Olympics?


Is it a team sport or an individual sport for tennis?

both, for singles it is individual but fore doubles your working with another player to win

What is the sport of Wimbledon?


Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.

What is the correct definiton for individual team sport?

Team sport is a group of people who compete together to win. Individual sport is when the competition is 1 vs 1. Individual team sport is when two people compete against each other to win a point or match for their team. Tennis is an individual sport but it becomes a team sport when multiple individuals come together.

What sport do you associate with Wimbledon?

The sport of tennis is associated with Wimbledon.

What was 1999 sport team?

hockey, football, basketball, racquetballs tennis, soccer, bmx, and skateboarding.

Is tennis a real sport?

yes tennis is real sport. form,amisha