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Barcelona are a better team as they do not spend so much like Real Madrid does, Barcelona produce from their youth team, which Real Madrid does not do.

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2010-12-01 00:35:11
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Q: Is team Barcelona better than team Real Madrid?
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With team is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

In reality it is FC Barcelona.

What team is better real Madrid or fc Barcelona?

Real Madrid cristianó ronadlo

Who is a better soccer team real Madrid or Barcelona?


How do you think Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

This is not even a real question. I think you mean: What do you think, is Barcelona or Real Madrid the better team?

Which team is better real Madrid cf or Barcelona fc?

barcelona bcs messi is there

Is soccer team Barcelona better than Real Madrid?


Who is the best soccer team ever Barcelona or real Madrid?

Fc Barcelona is better because it has better stats

Wich team is better barcelona or real madrid?

ofcurse barcalona it does think

What team is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid is better b-cuz Real Madrid has Iker Casillas and Barcelona does not have Ronaldinio only Messi but Messi is no match for Iker cassillas. So Real Madrid is better than Barcelona.

Which team is better Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is way better. They have players with good quality. The only reason why Barcelona has beaten real Madrid in the past years is because all the player they have, have been playing with Barcelona their whole life(messi,xavi,iniesta,puyol, etc.) which helps them improve. Real Madrid has barely bought new players. Plus most of their players are from Spain and play in the national team. P.s Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 because real Madrid did not have hinguain or kaka

Is Cristiano Ronaldo on the team Barcelona?

No Real Madrid

Is real Madrid the best team in the world?

No! Real madrid socks like hell, barcelona rules no one jokes with barcelona

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