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Swimming, softball, and American football are all tough sports depending on the person.

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Q: Is swimming softball or American football a tougher sport?
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Which sport is tougher and harder to play between swimming football and softball?

Between swimming, football, and softball, any of them can be tough depending on the person playing.

What sport is tougher hockey or football?

defiantly hockey and that is coming from a girl that plays it and it is tougher because you have to be able to skate and you have to be focased

Is being recruited into the Marines tougher than the Army?

That would be an opinion. However, Marine training "is tougher" in some ways, such as swimming, but the Army training is tougher in other ways, too. Hope this helps :D

Which is harder - gymnastics or football?

Gymnastics is definitely a harder and tougher sport both skill wise and the sport itself. Gymnastics is such a brutal sport while football is for wimps Gymnasts are probably tougher than the navy seals!!!

What is sport more tougher wrestling or football?

well in wrestling you have to fight get hurt but you never know what the other person is going to do and you would barely have any tactics for it wheras in football you would have tactics to use so in my opinion wrestling is tougher

Who is more tougher soccer players or football players?

Football players are undoubtedly tougher than soccer players. Football players tackle each other every game, slam into each other, pile on top of each other, and is the sport most prone to injuries and concussions. Soccer players are tough for running endurance, but football players run hundreds of yards a game, just not as much as a soccer player. In all, football players are tougher than soccer players. Soccer is tougher because you don't wear protection from head to toe like in football. Where in soccer you tackle,kick,shoot and all that stuff without protection.

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girls are tougher

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Tails is definitely tougher!!

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IITJEE is tougher than CA.

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Football was common in England during the 1800's although it was a much tougher sport than it is today. Irish sports like Gaelic football and hurling were also popular.

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Is American Football a real sport or just a game for people who are too soft or lack the skill to play Rugby?

Rugby is A far tougher SPort than American Football and I have played both, but even though I prefer American Football, THey are two different Animals. Don't be Hateful because American Football is flashier, Just be glad that you can get cauliflower Ear and Look all Hard and Mean even when you are not on the Field err I mean "pitch". Rugby just does not have the appeal that Football has to Americans, so I am sure all European and other nations might agree with you but not most Americans. We all Know that it takes no skill at all to THrow a 40 Wide out, let alone Catch one. Let's not forget that there are ZERO precision Skills needed or any need for true athleticism in any of the American ( Say The Word "American" With Disgust Here) PRo Football Positions and that all American Quarterbacks are way overpaid, because anyone can do that job.

Is hockey tougher than football?

I would have to say no. Hockey is a very physical sport, but every possession doesn't involve some guy being tackled. In football, there is tough physical contact in every play of the game.

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Why are boys allowed to play on football teams but girls aren't?

AnswerBecause boys claim that they're tougher than girlsBut girls can be just as tough as boys

Do reggie bush still play football like he did at USC because he was good at USC?

NFL is much tougher than college. The game is much faster.