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I think Skateboarding is more popular.

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Q: Is surfing or skateboarding more popular?
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What are the 3 most popular spectator sports in japan?

BMX, Skateboarding and Surfing

What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


What is older skateboarding or surfing?

I think surfing,

What is more popular skateboarding or biking?


What are some sports played in Pilippines?

surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, some skateboarding, and more surfing, you could eat some burritos 2

When will surfing or skateboarding be considered Olympic sports?

Skateboarding is on it's way there but I'm not sure about surfing.

When did skateboading become so popular?

in the 60's and 70's skateboarding became popular as "surfing on concrete"

When was skateboarding the most popular?

Skateboarding is getting more and more popular everyday so the answer is today

What is skateboarding a sub-culture of?

well skateboarding originated from surfing which is why they where originally called sidewalk surfers. So if anything, skateboarding is a sub-culture of the Californian surfing "idea"

Skateboarding vs baseball which is popular?

Baseball is more popular.

What are Related fields for skateboarding?

other sports the relate to skateboarding would be snowboarding, and surfing.

What is more popular skateboarding or basketball?

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

Was there skateboarding in ancient rome?

I am pretty sure that there was no skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, in bodyboarding in acient rome.

Where did skateboarding orginate from?

hmmm... i think surfing. Ya I'm pretty sure it originated from surfing.

What is more popular skateboarding or baseball?

Baseball. It's Americas sport although skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports

What is Dylan Sprouse Hobby?

Skateboarding, Basketball, Surfing, and Snowboarding.

Which sport was dubbed sidewalk surfing?

Sidewalk surfing was the name that was originally applied to what we now know as skateboarding.

What is more popular sailing or surfing?

well both actually but mostly surfing for boys!

Was skateboarding popular?

Vert skateboarding was much more popular in the early through late eighties until street skateboarding began to rise in popularity in the early nineties. Skateboarding is much more popular presently than it was in the legacy years of the seventies and eighties. Both vert and street skating have a healthy following to date.

How does surfing keep you fit?

it's like skateboarding. maintaining balance.

Is Hurley a skateboarding or surfing brand?

More of a surf brand. Has been owned by Nike for the last 18 months or so.

How popular is skateboarding?

very popular

How did skateboarding get started and when?

skateboarding originated in the 1950's and 60's by surfers who couldn't surf when the waves were bad. In the early days skateboarding was called 'sidewald surfing'.

Where did skateboarding originate?

Skateboarding originated in California after weak waves prevented people from surfing, so they created a surfboard with wheels, the skateboard.

What is the history of skateboarding?

skateboarding as we know it was probs born sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s when surfers in cali wanted something to do when the waves were flat this soon became side walk surfing it became a highly popular sport