Is super shadic real

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Is super shadic real
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Is shadic real?

yes todally real

Where can you find a shadic game?

Write Sonic Games And Shadow Games Together It Will Make Shadic Games But I Think Shadic Is In Nazo Unleashed And Shadic And Nazo Is A Made Up Character Shadic Games Are Not Real!

Is Shadic a real Sonic character?


Will shadic be in super smash bros brawl xd?


How do you get shadic in Super Smash Bros.?

where do i begin. well first off shadic is not a real character. all the hedgehogs are silver,sonic,scourge,shadow,and nazo ( which never was released for some reason). shadic is only a fan-based character by some animator who thought it would be cool. the only hedgehog released in the super smash bros. series is sonic, and hes only in brawl. i hope that helped and have a nice day.

What are all the super forms in sonic games?

super tails,super kunckles,super shadow,super sonic and super shadic note: if you want to see them all what nazo uleashed.

Where can you get Hyper Shadic in Sonic FGX?

by typing shadic then when it says whats your characters name type hyper shadic

What happens when shavic gets the super emeralds the chaos emeralds and the dark emeralds?


Who is Shadic?

its pritty much a combo of sonic and shadow, i think it when sonic and shadow both use chaos control nearby each other, with 200 rings total, i dont know about chaos emerallds, but i do know that hyper shadic burns 20-60 rings per second! shadic is the best

Who is shadic the hedgehog?

Shadic is the fusion between Sonic and Shadow. See it on Nazo Unleashed its awesome! In SA2 there is a glitch where you can see Shadic, go to 2P pick Sonic and Shadow, get a check point, then make them both die, they will be Shadic.

Who is better than shadow?

Nazo, Perfect Nazo, Shadic and Hyper Shadic.

What color is shadic?

bluish purplish