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yes i think so

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โˆ™ 2011-10-09 22:44:50
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Q: Is subbing for the server allowed during a volleyball game?
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Is subbing for the server allowed after the server has served during a volleyball game?

If someone serves, and then goes through every spot and is going back to serve, then they can be subbed. If someone is serving and served once and made it over got a point, and gets to serve again without changing positions then no you can't sub in.

When will a server be allowed back in the volleyball court?

yes, they are one of the six players at a time

In volleyball how many seconds are allowed before a server has to forfeit his serve?

8 seconds

Is substituting a server in volleyball allowed?

Yes, as someone on the bench could be a better server than the person about to serve. with what ever you are doing

When can team member move in volleyball during serving?

As soon as the ball is out of possesion of a server.

What does a server do in volleyball?

The server serves the volleyball, behind the last line (at least 30 feet).

What is the name of the server's position in volleyball?

The number for the server's position is 1.

Where does the server in volleyball server?

Anywhere behind the back line of the court.

Where can the server serve from?

In volleyball when does the team rotate

Where is the server located in volleyball?

at the back of the court

What position is the person that makes the serve in volleyball?

The Server

What is a volleyball server?

a volleyball server is the player who will be serving the ball...A server in vollyball is someone who over hands serve or underhand they get to serve as many times as they want as long as the team they are on is winning. - hoped it helped :)

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