Is street dance a sport

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Q: Is street dance a sport
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What are the two types of Dance sport?

Street dance and salsa also chacha

Where is the dance studio Dance Sport located?

The dance studio Dance Sport is located at 22 West 34th Street in New York, NY. It is between 5th and 6th Avenues and is beside the Empire State Building.

The costume in street dance?

I have done street dance and my crew usually has there own style. I usually wear baggy dance trousers, a cropped top and a hoodie. We also wear caps. I look for my clothes in sport shops, addias and Nike are a good brand for street dance. Hope this helps.

Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Yes dance is a sport ballroom dance is a type of dance so yes it is a sport

Where Was Street Dance Originated?

street dance was originated in america...:)

Is folk Dance a sport?

Personally, I don't think that folk dance is a sport.

Is dance class a sport?

Well, in my opinion, dance is a sport. So dance class would be like practice. So, Yes dance class is a sport(at least in my opinion)

How many people think dance is a sport?

alot of people think dance is a sport but why would it not be a sport people alomost everydaay have a dance compotetion

What is dance a sport or art?

dance is an art... :)

What is the dance movie where the last dance in it is done in white costumes and is a mix of ballet and street dance?

Street Dance 3D

Is a dance a sport?

Dance is both an art and a sport. The definition of a sport is: an activity with rules or customs engaged in competitively, so only competetive dance should be considered sport. Other forms of dance are considered performance art.

What is street dance like today?

street dance now is a fast hip hop style dance

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