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the vegtable or sport if it is the sport than no if it is the vegtable than yes

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Q: Is squash more popular than tennis?
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Which is more popular cricket or table tennis?

Cricket is more popular than table tennis in South Africa

What is more popular tennis or golf?

Tennis! More people know the rules of tennis than they do golf!

Is a tennis ball bigger than a squash ball?


What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

Which is more popular tennis or swimming?

swimming is more poplular than tennis because tennis is more of a spectater sport for people to watch rather than play or do, and more people through out the world swim.----------------------------------Tennis is more popular than swimming as tennis involves singles or doubles, whereas the players play tennis competitively against each other (and sometimes show-off their hot shots). Swimming is more like a group of swimmers stepping on to the diving boards, dive and swim til the end, and thus not as much fun as tennis. In tennis, you cannot predict what is going to happen, which makes it more exciting. You can predict what is going to happen - the swimmers are going to swim up and down the lanes...It is true that more people throughout the world swim, but I think tennis is much much more popular than swimming.

Which of this object that has more inertia Bowling ball or tennis?

A bowling ball has more inertia than a tennis ball but tennis probably has more inertia than a bowling ball.

How many squash equal a pound?

Depends on the squash. Some weigh far more than a pound by themselves. Pumpkins are a squash after all.

What is better tennis or golf?

Tennis is better than golf because, tennis has more players and by far more courts. Tennis has more viewers in all grand slams compared to golfs majors. Tennis also has more youth players than golf playing daily

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

Which is most popular football netball golf swimming tennis badminton?

Football is probably more popular as a spectator sport than any of the other sports listed. It seems likely that golf is more popular as a participant sport than any of the other sports listed.

Which is heavier football or tennis ball?

A football weighs more than a tennis ball.

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