Is squash aerobic or anerobic

Updated: 10/21/2022
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the game squash is an aerobic exercise because you are sprinting, and turning repetitively. an anerobic exercise is like long distance running.

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Q: Is squash aerobic or anerobic
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Can glycolysis be for aerobic and anerobic?


Do you draw anerobic or aerobic blood cultures first?


Which one uses more ATP anerobic or aerobic oxygen?


What carries out chemical activies of life?

respiration, which is either aerobic or anerobic

Where does fermentation in the mitochondria?

Mitochondria are the site of aerobic respiration.Fermentation is a type of anerobic respiration.

How many ATP are produced versus aerobic respiration in the mitochondria?

In aerobic respiration 38 ATPs are produced. In anerobic respiration only 2 are produced

What is a disadvantage of anerobic respiration?

The disadvantage is that anerobic respiration produces less energy than aerobic respiration, and as a result the organism grows at a much slower rate.

What helps people lose more weight aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise. Anerobic just builds uo your muscles.

How are glycolysis and cellar respiration related?

It is the first step. It is common to aerobic and anaerobic respiration

What part of the cell that is the site of glycolysis?

It takes place in cytoplasm. It is common to both aerobic and anerobic respiration

What is end product of glycolysis in erythrocytes?

The end product of glycolysis in erythrocytes is pyruvate. This is because erythrocytes lack mitochondria, so they are unable to proceed with aerobic metabolism and generate ATP through oxidative phosphorylation. Instead, pyruvate is converted to lactate in order to regenerate NAD+ and allow glycolysis to continue producing ATP in the absence of oxygen.

Is pyruvic acid a product of both aerobic and anerobic respiration?

Yes, pyruvic acid is a product of both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. In aerobic respiration, pyruvic acid is further broken down in the mitochondria, while in anaerobic respiration it is converted into either lactic acid or ethanol to regenerate NAD+ for glycolysis to continue.