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no.......they are both different even though they have roughly the same stuff:)

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Q: Is sports direct the same as soccer sports?
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Which retailer's sell soccer uniform's?

Sports Direct offer a wide range of soccer uniforms for sale as do JJB Sports. These are only suggested if looking for a bargain, for an authentic soccer uniform visiting the official website of the soccer club is more beneficial.

Who discovered football not soccer?

Lenore Skenazy. "Football" and "Soccer" are the same sports cause it's same kicking the ball.

What sports have the same concept as soccer?

football, hockey, and lacrosse

How do a country's soccer team enter olympic soccer games?

The same way all other sports do: by qualification.

What sports do German's play?

Germans play the same sports as most other western countries, soccer, handball, basketball, golf, baseball, tennis, squash, etc, the list is pretty endless

Is sports direct in the golden square shopping centre?

no its the same it is not diffrent

List 20 kinds of sports are played in colombia?

Football, soccer, swimming, and Tennis. All the same kind of sports we play.

When did Disney Sports Soccer happen?

Disney Sports Soccer happened in 2002.

Where is it possible to buy a Manchester United soccer bag?

One may buy a Manchester United soccer bag online from Amazon, eBay, Fox Soccer Shop, World Soccer Shop, Sports Direct and even on the official Manchester United website.

What sports do Nigerians play?


What are sports played in Madagascar?

the played sports are soccer. M+B=4EVER

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs