Is sports a verb

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"sporting" is a verb

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Q: Is sports a verb
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Is sports medicine a noun?

no its a verb

Is sports an adjective?

Yes; as in "sports medicine" or "sports festival" because it is used to modify the noun . However, it can be a noun when used with a singular verb; as in: "Sports is important to me."

The sports assembly will coincide with the last football game?

Verb :)

What is the word for 'sports' in french?

Verb-arborer Noun-sportif

What is the difference between defend verb from defense VERB?

Defense is a verb that is used when the subject of topic is sports. "It is difficult to defense athletic quarterbacks"

What is a verb for sports?

I think soccer like that I see the photo on the facebook

What does 'volley' mean in English?

noun, many projectiles fired at the same timenoun, many utterances said to someone in rapid successionnoun, a strike or kick of a ball before it hits the ground (sports)verb, to strike or kick a ball before it hits the ground (sports)verb, score a goal with such a shot (sports)verb, play a pregame point, usually to determine who goes first (sports)verb, utter or discharge in rapid successionIts origin is from 16th century French.

What word class is the word 'into' in the following context She is into sports in a big way?


Is sports a abstract noun?

Yes, the plural noun 'sports' is an abstract noun, a word for a pastime, an activity, or a recreation; a word for a concept.The word 'sports' is also a verb and an adjective.

Is field a verb?

Yes but it can also be a noun. The verb form is primarily used in sports. Noun: A wide open piece of land free of woodland. Verb: (e.g.) To be the team catching the ball.

What part of speech is coincide in this sentence The sports assembly will coincide with the last football game?


Imagine that you are reporting on an important sports event. Write Ten sentences describing what you see. Use a main verb and a helping verb in each of your sentences.?

she had rested on the dock

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