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Yes, as it is a form of exercise. If you do sport on a regular basis and don't do to much of it then your body and health will be in tip top condition. Just don't play sport if you are prone to injury because a tennis ball at your head is not fun.

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Q: Is sport good for your body and health?
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How does sports affect mental and emotional health?

Sport has a positive affect of your mental health because when u do sport your body produces serotonin 'the feel good hormone' also it can relieve stress and is good because you socialize.

What are the benefits of sports for your health?

Playing a sport benefits your health in many ways. You exercise which is good for your body and health, and you build and gain muscle which makes you stronger and healthier. Sports can also bring joy, and happiness is always a good part of health :)

Whats your favourite sport?

I love sport! its good for your health!

Health and safety why is it important to sport?

The absence of health and safety is illness and injury - not good things in sport or any activity.

Is swimming good for your health?

Yes. It is a good cardiovascular sport.

Why is volleyball a good sport?

volleyball is a good sport because you use you upper body as well as your lower body

Is swimming a good abdominal sport?

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.

Why is basketball a good sport to play?

because is dood sport and for body

Why is sport good for your health?

it cant make u gay

Why is that your favorite sport?

basketball is my favorite sport because its also good for your body.

What sport is good for the body?

track is one of the best things to do for your body although track is good for your body, the BEST sport for your body is swimming. Not fun swimming but lap swimming or swimming on a swim team (a good one is metro).

Similarities of physical education and sport?

help to be in good shape and health

What does squash can help to human body?

Da. Squash does can have health for body. good sportivo. Make strong body. Make strong mind. Good for health. See own Ministry Health in Moscow.

When can you say in good health?

When you have tested your self and found out that you have no disease and infection in the body. Then you can you have a good health

What sport should you do to improve your health?

any, but hockey is VERY good for you and Soccer.

How does ice skating benefit your health?

It is a great weight-loss sport and strengthens your whole body.

How does sport improve your physical health?

it helps your body move,get out and active,exercise and get some air

What does food have to do with your body?

to be good our health

Why is javelin anaerobic sport?

It is an areboic sport because you have to use all of your body to get a good throw. you have to twist and turn your upper body so you use the same motions as aerobic sport.

Suggest some slogans on health physical fitness health walk?

exercise properly we will have Good body,Healthy body and Strong body

Is soccer a good sport for your health?

Yes Soccer is great for your lungs and leg muscles

What are three reasons for the great need for better sport marketing?

we will stay in good health

What are good fonts for sport project?

verdana and calibri body

What is the best sport for a hot body and why?

Swimming is the best sport for a hot body because you won't get over-heated and get a great work-out as well. really, any sport is good to get a hot body, just as long as your active

Why is soccer a good sport?

Soccer is a good sport , it helps a person to remain fit as the game requires full body workout and not just legs