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Very much so. Everything about softball is about physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - a softball hitting a softball bat. The trajectory of a pop-fly can be described by physics. It is always a perfect parabola.

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Q: Is softball related to physics
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How does softball realate to math?

Softball is related to geometry and physics. Softball uses a lot of angles and that is how it is related to geometry. For instance, when your playing the outfeild you have to know what angle is the shortest and quickest way to get to the ball. Softball also uses physics a lot by acceleration, velocity, and momentum.

Is physics related to society why?

how physics related to society

How is geometry related to softball?

you play on a softball diamond. lol

How does softball relate to physics?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

Does lassen high school in susanville have girls softball?

There is a girls softball team but it isn't related to LHS There is a girls softball team but it isn't related to LHS

How is physics related to bowlinghow is physics related to bowling?

Physics is related to the moving of masses. Bowling is the moving of MASS ( ball) in the moving of masses (Pins).

How is softball related to science?

It's a matter of physics. It's acceleration, it's speed, it's direction, and it's momentum. All of that is related to science.

Is physics related to technology?

Yes, Physics is related to technology because if there are no physics, there are no modern devices now.....All inventions, are also made of physics.

Is metal related to physics?

Everything is the universe is related to physics. Physics is the science of all matter and energy, which includes metals.

How is volleyball related to physics?

Volleyball is related to physics because of the science involved in the game. The laws of force, gravity, distance, and pressure are all related to physics.

With which game is pitcher related to?

Baseball or softball.

Is the solar system related to motion and physics?

Yes. Everything in the Universe is related to motion and physics.

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