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It is because i found it out watching this tv show that shows true facts about the world. the truth is soccer is the #1 sport in the WORLD

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Q: Is soccer the worlds favorite sport?
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What is the worlds popularist sport?

Soccer is the most watched sport in the world even though my favorite is football

What is the worlds favorite sport?

Most people would think soccer, but because not everyone in say England follows soccer, it can't be cateorized as the worlds favourite sport, So which in turn you cant state which sport is the worlds favourite sportSOCCERred

What is bob Marley's favorite sport?

Bob Marley's favorite sport has got to be soccer...

What is Zayn Malik favorite sports?

america football

Mexico's favorite sports?

SOCCER!mexicos favorite sport has to be soccer

What is RJ's Favorite sport?

RJ's Favorite sport is soccer

What is Cuba's favorite sport?

Cuba's favorite sport is soccer. =)

What is Jake Short's favorite sport?

His favorite sport is soccer.

What cubas favorite sport?

Cuba's favorite sport is soccer. =)

What is Logan'S MICHELL favorite sport?

logan mitchells favorite sport is my favorite sport, it was soccer