Is soccer the best sport ever?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Soccer is known to be the most popular and most played sport in the world. Thus, it is safe to assume that it is the best sport in the world.

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Q: Is soccer the best sport ever?
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Soccer is need or entertainment?

need it's the best sport ever and if you don't believe me ask yourself why there's a world cup where they play soccer and not a world tournement devoted to any other sport.

Why is baseball the best sport?

well its your opinion it might be soccer or Basketball its your own opinion about why its the best.

Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?

It is the greatest sport ever invented and it should be the most popular sport in every country.

Can African sport soccer in particular unight culture?

Can African sport soccer in particular nite culture?

Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?

Soccer was not invented by an American

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Why is soccer a olympic sport?

Because it is the best sport ever!!! ;)

Is soccer fun?

soccer is basically amazing. (period) It is the best sport ever.

Why is running the best sport ever?

running is the best sport because it used in baseball soccer football and many more

What are the Soccer nicknames?

futbol ,football, soccer, and the best sport ever! (last one doesn't count)

What do you think about soccer?

The answer to this question is an opinion. The answer differs from person to person. I, personally, think soccer is a fun sport. Here are some other opinions: Soccer rocks and is the best ball sport in winter, well i think it is Soccer is so completely awesomely awesome and is the best sport ever no sport will ever be better then soccer!! GO SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!! Well i think soccer sucks. It is boring and just has no point. Kicking a ball around? wtf?

What is your best sport and why?

soccer because is soccer

Which is the best sport soccer or baseketball?

soccer by far.

Is soccer the oldest sport ever played?


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