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Soccer is the most popular sport in Chile and in most of the World.

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Q: Is soccer popular in Chile
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Related questions

What is the most popular spectator sport in Chile?

Soccer is the most popular in Chile.

Which sports are popular in Chile?


What is Chile's favorite sport?

Chile's most popular sport is soccer.

What are the most popular sports in Chile?


What is the most popular sport in Chile?

I believe it is soccer.

What is the most popular sport in chille?

I belive the most popular sport in chile is soccer

What sports are popular in Chile high schools?

soccer and especially skiing

In Chile do they play soccer?

Yes, in Chile they do play soccer.

What sports does Chile play?

Soccer and skiing are popular sports in Chile.

What sport does Chile?

Soccer and skiing are popular sports in Chile.

What is Chile's soccer team name?

Chile's soccer team name is Club De Futbol Universidad De Chile.

What sport's do they play in Chile?

In Chile They Play Soccer

What are the major sports in Chile?

chile's favorite sport is soccer

What is the popular name of Chile?

the popular name for Chile is Chile f you want the official name it would be the Republic of Chile.

What are the names of the soccer teams in Argentina and Chile?

Argentina and Chile are the teams in soccer. the players on Argentina are messi,higuain,everest,a di maria, and other more. i am not sure about the players on chile.

Who are Chile's star soccer players?

Claudio Bravo is Chile's star player!

In what country is soccer the most popular sport?

Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Peru,Uruguay,Spain,Germany,Italy,France every where because soccer is the best sport in the world. P.S. Not the south pole

What do chileans like to do for fun?

The cueca is a popular Chilean folk dance. Favorite sports in Chile include football (soccer), skiing, chueca, rodeo, and surfing.

Who are the current players for Chile's national soccer team?

Alexis sances is their best footballer in Chile.

What is the most famous sport in Chile?


What do people do for fun in Chile?

they have soccer games

What are some sports that are from Chile?

soccer, skiing

What are some famous sports in Chile?

the most common sports in Chile are soccer, volleyball, tennis, racketball,swimming, Foseball .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are all the sports played in Chile?

football (soccer)

Who is the best soccer player in Chile?

Alexis sanchez